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Hi and thanks for visiting I guess you’ve clicked this page because you are new to this site, so I extend a very warm welcome to you 🙂 As a quick introduction, my name is Carmen and I am the Momma behind your computer screen right now 🙂

I try and make my site open to everyone. Please comment, share and follow my journey of being a Mom and the good and struggles that come along with parenthood.

This ‘Start Here’ page is designed for you to be familiar with my blog and what it can offer you.

I’ve designed this site as a way to discuss issues that I wanted to know when I first started out breastfeeding. I feel that there is a lack of information on the internet that really delves deep into breastfeeding issues, tips and tricks, especially for first-time moms.

Use the links below to go to the most popular blog posts so far:

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Like I said above, please contact me on my contact page if you want to know anything that I haven’t covered.

Please share my message to all new Moms to spread a safe and pleasurable breastfeeding experience.