Low Milk Supply?

Low Milk Supply?

Learn How I Increased My Breast Milk Supply

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I’m Carmen McDonnell and I am the author here at breastfeedbub.com. You can read more about me here: About Breastfeedbub.com

I have been a nurse for almost 15 years now and decided to put this site together to convey a few things I know about being a nurse and a mother, but more importantly, about being a breastfeeding mother.

Advice for Breastfeeding Moms

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This post explained my first hand experience of suffering low milk supply and how I increased my breast milk supply and how you can too!

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If any of the following apply to you, then this is the breastfeeding site for you.

I’ll delve into personal life of being a breastfeeding Mom, give some helpful tips and guidance, my own personal advise and experiences to help you though.

I’ll keep updating this site, so you have any questions or requests, please send them through!

Being a Mom, A Breastfeeding Mom

I have always believed that the essence of being a woman is to become a loving and a caring mother to her children.

When I was a single woman, I always wondered how it would feel like to be a mom myself. I was raised raised by a very loving, caring and supportive mother and I have often asked her many times if I could be exactly like the mom she is to me when the time came for me to become one myself. Although my mom would always tell me that I would be a good mom like her someday, I guess I am left to say that she was right, it may have something to do with genes, but at the end of the day, when the time came, I was ready to be a Mom and that meant providing the best for my child, the first and foremost – to breastfeed my child.

Like I’ve said on my about page, I am an advocate of breastfeeding, I always have been, even when I was single and child-less but even more so now that I am a mother myself.

It is a mother’s job to care for her child with the help of the father until the child is ready to be on his or her own. There is, however, this special bond between mother and child that is so profound in a way that even when the child isn’t with his or her mother, the mother immediately knows that the child is in danger or in need. It is called, maternal instinct. This special bond between mother and child stems from the fact that mothers nurse their children through breastfeeding from the very moment they are born.

As a nurse, I am in full support of the breastfeeding campaign most hospitals are implementing as part of their rooming-in policy.

Do You Really Need to Breastfeed?

Breastfeeding indeed has a lot of benefits and to specify those benefits, we nurses use a very essential mnemonic that helps us remember whenever we conduct our health teachings to first-time mothers.

To easily recall, we use the word “BREASTFEEDING” I will be breaking down the mnemonic along with their respective rationales to further discuss the benefits of each.

Mnemonic Rationale
Best for babies There is no doubt that breast milk is the best milk for babies.
Reduces incidence of allergies. Breast milk is natural and therefore does not contain allergens and other harmful chemicals, thus reducing allergies.
Economical It is way cheaper than powdered milk.
Antibodies Being natural, it is rich in antibodies that aid the baby’s immune system. Colostrum, the first milk produced by the breast during pregnancy, is very rich in antibodies.
Stool-inoffensive Breastfed babies often pass normal stools.
Temperature always correct and constant Warming the milk is no longer a need since the mother’s body is already warm and suitable for the baby’s consumption.
Fresh As a natural substance coming from the mother, breast milk is fresh and does not require an expiration date.
Emotional bonding Breastfeeding mothers always feel a connection with their babies, even if they are not around with their babies.
Easy once established Breastfeeding may require a little bit patience to accomplish but once the mother gets used to it, she may find it easy and convenient.
Digested easily As natural as it is and does not affect the baby’s stool, breast milk is with no doubt, digested easily.
Immediately available “Got no more milk? Not to worry, Mommy is   here.”
Nutritionally balanced Breast milk does not only contain antibodies but also nutrients that are naturally present coming from the mother.
Gastroenteritis greatly reduced Since it does not contain any harmful ingredients, the chances of the baby developing gastroenteritis or lactose intolerance is considerably lessened.

With all the benefits mentioned above, there is no doubt that breast milk is the best milk for baby’s consumption.

Baby Health Benefits from Breastfeeding


Low Milk Supply

As a mother myself, I understand the issues surrounding breastfeeding your child.

It isn’t always easy.

There are times that it is challenging and emotionally draining.

And there are times when your breast milk supply just suddenly decreases.

Without. No. Warning.

It’s something that can make us women incredibly frustrated, not to mention, our poor child isn’t receiving the food that have been used to.

For years, I’ve worked with doctors, nurses and mothers and as a mother myself, it’s important not to give up when your milk supply starts decreasing. There is reasons why you may be struggling with your milk supply and there may be no reason at all. The first and foremost thing to remember is that you need to assess your situation and whether your low milk supply has been self induced – what I mean by this is, Are you stressed? Has your lifestyle changed in anyway?

With some self-evaluation, you may be the answer to your own problem. But be careful not to blame yourself for something that tends to be completely out of our control – and that’s totally ok. We have to accept it and embrace it and not dwell on things.

And sometimes, there isn’t a reason at all, nor can we fix it environmentally.

If I am speaking to you, then there is something you can do. I’ve personally suffered from low milk supply and I needed a way to increase my breast milk supply too.

But I wanted a natural way.

I am happy to say, I’ve been there and done that.

You can read more about my success using a natural breast milk supply supplement here